Change of Schedule

Before this week, I used to do my elliptical 'workout' first thing in the morning. Since it's something I'm not really looking forward in doing, I thought it would be better if I get it out of the way ASAP. It was going well for the most part...then came the 'spring forward' time change. It messed up my schedule and I couldn't get up early enough to do the work out in the morning.

This week I've been doing it in the afternoon...just before I prepare dinner. It's a bit tough since I have to do some preps in advance so I can have an hour of free time so I can be on the elliptical within that hour.

It turns out, doing it in the afternoon instead of doing it in the morning may be a good thing. I noticed a big difference with the way I'm feeling afterwards...and I think I know why. When I was still doing it in the morning I usually sit down a few minutes after the work out....and I would remain seated for about 3 hours due to work. During this time I noticed that everytime I tried to get up, my legs were sore & stiff which would last for the whole day. I would be limping for most of the day. This week, I have not felt that way. My legs will be 'tired' after the afternoon work out but it does not last. My guess is because I don't have the time to sit down after the work out since I would normally start working around the kitchen. I only sit down about 2 hours [or more] after the work out to do some work on the computer. My legs have the chance to loosen up now since I remain standing for longer periods of time thus the lack of stiffness or soreness.

So...much as I want to go back doing it in the morning, I'd probably keep doing it in the afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a way to work around my schedule.


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