Spout ~ Before & After

This is the spout I posted about 'Quality Work' 3 days ago. The one on the left was the work of the so-called 'professionals'. As you can see the spout was just laying on the pavement on the driveway. It means that if it rains, the water will just spill all over the driveway. If the flow of water is heavy enough, it can even flood the garage. The 'professionals' don't seem to see it that way so they left it like that. In comes McGyver....the AFTER photo. He moved the spout and pointed it down to the ground and drilled a hole [on the ground] going across the walkway where a drainage is. Voila! Problem solved!

When the professionals came back to finish the job, they stood by that new and improved 'work of art' [biased opinion here of course as McG is my man...LOL] for a good 5 minutes. I wonder if they were looking at it in admiration or were just plain stumped as to how easy to fix it it. Duh!


RUBY Caberte said…
Pssssstttt!!!! Tagal ko na hinde na padpad dito. And viola! Problem solved pati ang Page Rank!!! Saya-saya!!!

Miss you Mommy J! Muah! Muah! Muah!
J said…
ayun pumasok yung 2nd comment. anyways, our hot water was restored late afternoon but our home in the sky (14th fl) was not a recipient of that hot water till midnight. kaya larga kami to a hotel 4 miles away para maligo.umuwi din kami kasi si F ayaw matulog sa kama ng Best Western. kung may motel nga sana mas mura sana para lang maligo kaso wala.

kami lang ang nawalan ng power (the 5 mix-use buildings and the supermarket, 2 banks at pharmacy that are leasing in the premises of our private community) kasi pa private(2x) pa sila ng power plant ayan tuloy ang nangyari. the rest of the area was ok kami lang ang nagdusa. heat is not yet restored, in fact, mukhang hindi na babalik for the season kasi nasa 50's naman na and manageable na sa amin at nakasanayan na ang ginaw. we're hoping lang na the weather cooperates kundi sabi ni F they will have to restore the heat.

hope you're having a grand weekend. kakabalik lang namin from the CPA to finalize our tax docs. TC.

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