Did I?

Catch the bug that got both the hubby and the little one? It feels like I did but I'm trying to ignore it. I've been sneezing repeatedly today. So what else is new since I'm a 'seasoned' err ... professional sneezer, eh? Well, this time around I can feel some pain at the back of my throat/nose which is a sign that I may be coming down with a cold. I thought I was able to get away from it but it doesn't seem to be the case.

I was about to take the cold med that worked wonders for my husband when he had the sniffles but when I read the label on the box it says: Ask your doctor if you have 'thyroid disease' which I have so I paused and wondered if I should 'really' ask my doctor. I did. As it is right now, I still have the TED which may or may not be related to my thyroid problem so that's why I decided to call my doctor to ask if I should be taking the Alka-seltzer or not. He advised me not to...so I didn't. Doctor's order, right? He told me to try 'chicken noodle soup' instead and bunch of fluid. Hmmm....

Out of curiousity I decided to check the labels of the other medicines I've been taking regularly...allergy medicines mostly. What do you know...they ALL have the same warning. Oooppsss. Well, my doctor actually gave me the go on the Benadryl so I'm wondering if I should be worried about the others or not. They have the same ingredients anyway, right?


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