IT & My "Little Mommy"

I caught IT...the VIRUS that was originally brought in here by the man of the house. He 'nurtured' IT for more than a week then when IT got tired of him, IT went to the little one. She had IT for about a week. Then IT decided to find a new nesting! I got IT exactly a week after the little one caught IT. I'm still nursing a cold because of IT but I'm hoping I'm over the worst part of IT...sore throat. I'm sucking on a Halls candy right now to ward away that itch that seems to linger there especially at night. Hopefully, I'll start to get better and IT takes a hike already.

Now because of my thyroid condition, I have not taken any cold medicines...per my doctor's order. The little one is worried about the fact that I cannot take meds for IT. She went ahead and read every label of all the cold medicine we have [we have a few because the husband likes to try different kinds to see which one works the best for him] and found out they all have some kind of a warning about thyroid diseseas. She even checked her Dimetapp to see if I can take it...LOL. But after painstakingly reading each and everyone of the labels, she finally found one that didn't say anything about thyroid...Vick's Vaporub! She excitedly placed it beside my computer and said I should use the rub if I start feeling really bad.

Tell me...what will I do without my LITTLE MOMMY????


Ritchelle said…
She's a brilliant little Mummy!

Ayang IT na yan is andito rin. Pero ok ako kahit na anong gamot basta ok lang for breastfeeding Mum.

Hope Vicks will work :)

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