Productive Weekend....

It definitely was...I think? LOL... Like I mentioned in my earlier post, we're finally able to start working on our flower beds. Well, 'hubby' was finally able to start working on it...I wasn't since I had other things to do. Nevertheless, it was a productive weekend all in all.

Aside from being able to do some chores I put off last week because we decided to 'play' a bit, I was also able to do a little bit of work on the side. On top of all that, I am a few step closer in fulfilling something....which I won't divulge for now. Maybe in time I will....

Oh...and I was able to get on my elliptical yesterday which was totally unplanned. I normally do it on the weekdays and take a break on the weekends...but I felt like going on it so I did...and it felt good....then I binged today...woot!

How's that for a productive weekend???


Unknown said…
Good for you that your weekend was productive. Quite intrigued now with that something nearly fulfilled. Okay Huling. Can I make a guess?..E's wish will be granted? To have a baby brother/sister? Weeeh! Lol!

Whatever! Can't wait to know what it is. Ha ha..

Have a happy Monday! Ingat!
J said…
I have a fearless hula. I got two: driver's license and/or second - weight loss objective met. or baka naman tama si Tita B. pag nagkataon, pwedeng mag-apply na ninang? hahaha.

Tuks, ask ko lang, was the assembly hard for M ? I mean - the elliptical. 1 year na akong walang workout kasi tamad akong mag mukhang tao para bumaba sa gym (lol) dito sa building namin. si F sinesermonan ako kaya sabi nga niya bilhandaw ako ng machine para pagpawisan ako. alam mo na, ang aking alta presyon well managed langsa gamot.

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