That about sums up what's going on around here. My boss is panicking because we have to beat 2 deadlines this of which I think is today...oopps. The other one is towards the end of the week. That's only for THIS week. It seems that's the only thing we've been doing the past couple of months....beating deadlines. Of course we're only told of OUR deadline so we don't really know the REAL deadline. Confusing, eh? I'm trying to do my part but like they can only do so much. I also have other things to do so I cannot really devote all of my time with just this job.

The same thing is going on with the hubs. He worked through through weekend just to make sure they had everything ready ~ the place & the job ~ when their customer dropped by for a visit yesterday. He said it went well...for the most part. Now they're waiting for the verdict of the visit....while WORKING on beating another...yes, DEADLINE! Ha!

Isn't it crazy? So what happens when you don't meet that specified time....would you really be umm...dead? Toink!


Ciela said…
Hello Huling! How sipag you are talaga! Hinay lang, kasi very stressful ang deadlines.

Naku, pag ako yan, wala na! Oras na tinamad, todas ang magandang trabaho!
Ang totoo nyan, may ilan ilan ding naliligaw na paid ops sa site ko, pero super tamad talaga ako ngayon. Parang gusto ko na lang lagi lakwatsa! :(

Ano nga ba nangyari sa blogger? Di ko napansin kung di mo sinabi? Bigla na lang naglaho mga comments.

Bye for now Huling! Hinay lang sa work. Ingat!
Joel said…
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