Forgot How to...

... add a blog in my friends' list! How sad is that? LOL....but I was able to figure it out after so many tries. I didn't want to mess up my list so I tried adding in my 'test' blog because if I mess it up then I'll be in whole lotta trouble!

Anyway, our weather today is a wee bit odd. It was really humid and warm this morning but it's a bit cooler now because there's an overcast. I like it better but I know it won't last. The last couple of weeks have been great in terms of good weather but it won't be long before and we will be feeling that scorching summer heat. Actually, there are days already when it feels like summer is here. That's probably the reason why our hydrangea plant has been drying up in the front flower bed. We were told it needs partial sun and that's what the front gets everyday but because of too much heat, I think the poor plant just couldn't take it. It's now planted under our big tree in the back. Actually, even our gardenia [Rosal] is also starting to wilt...probably because of that same reason. Not sure yet if we have to move it or not. I hope not because I really like it in front.


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