Time's Changed!

Or is it part of the aging process?

Let me clarify. My youngest brother who recently celebrated his birthday used to ask for things that I've always considered 'out of my range'...price range that is. I guess that's partly my fault because when I was still single and was making more than enough, I always gave in to his 'requests' of buying him things that were not, let's just say, cheap. I had the money and I didn't have any responsibilities at that time so I didn't really care. So when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, I was expecting him to hear say one of the Luminox blackout watches he's been bugging me about a few years ago or the motorcycle he once asked me to buy him. But guess what, he said 'nothing'. I asked him to repeat that and he said 'nothing'. Huh? Was I talking to the same brother? He said that time has changed. He now thinks that there more important things in life like his family. Oh yeah, I forgot he has his own family now so he knows what comes first now. LOL. But seriously though, I'm quite proud of my brother. He has grown so much eversince he had his son. He's like a totally different person now and I just wish he continues to be as responsible.


Ciela said…
Ang bait naman ni brother, Huling! Pero ganun nga yata talaga pag pareho na kayong may sariling pamilya! Kung ano ang pagkakulit nung mga singles pa, e nababago ng panahon. Mas sensitive na and more considerate pa! I wish, buhay pa ang Kuya ko, kasi spolied ako dun e. Parang yung brother mo siguro sa 'yo, spoiled din! Hay, sarap lang ng me kapatid na mabait! hehe..

Typhoon Pedring is wreaking havoc here now! Parang gustong maging Ondoy e. Dami ng destructions. Hopefully,it will be gone by tomorrow. Sana!

Ingat lagi, Huling!

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