Monday Again?

Yes it is! So far it's been going okay. It's not as busy as the other Mondays so I'm trying to take it easy. We're also having a very pleasant weather today. It's in the mid-70s right now and the highest will only be in the low 80s.

Our weekend was spent going around looking for stuff but nothing stressful. We were sort of 'browsing' for things we want and MAY want in the future...LOL. I was also able to go to the Phil. store yesterday to pick up supplies. I didn't get as much ~ no frozen goods this time around because I thought we were swinging by somewhere else but we didn't.

We will have an early start tomorrow because I have an appointment with my doctor. I am hoping nothing too serious is going on. I'm trying to stay relaxed as much as possible but it's a bit hard sometimes to do that especially when something that you can't really explain starts happening to your body. Ugh! Oh well...I just hope I'll find the answer in my visit tomorrow.

In the meantime...


J said…
we have the same agenda. mauna ka nga lang. my second visit for the year sa Oncologist will be on Thursday. this time, may kasama akong pupunta.

good luck for tomorrow and matulog ng mahimbing (ang daling sabihin pero ganun din ako these days) para maaga ang gising. hope nothing is that serious.

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