Box Full of Love

...and fattening chocolates, of course! But who cares, right? It's that time of the year when billions of dollars are actually spent on chocolates. Why can't we be part of the stats, eh?

So we got another box from the one and only valentine we have...McGyver..aka Daddy....aka Husband. It sort of became a the little one. It all started with these:

The 'tradition' started in 2007 which I blogged about here in 2008. From that time on, she would wait for her box of candies/chocolates from Dad. So even if Dad got her an advanced 'present' already she still kept talking about getting a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I didn't want to disappoint her so I prodded Dad [not much prodding needed actually] to get her a box of chocolates. He did and got her that fancy looking box of truffles.

Me? So far, I've been getting something from my valentino every year on Valentine's Day. I can remember some of them but not all of them. I guess the most memorable valentine's day was still the very first one we had as a couple, in 2002. It was a week day which meant he had to go to work early in the morning...6 AM I think. I was pregnant at that time with the little one. My routine back then was to go in the computer room to go online after I kiss him bye-bye. I did just that and when I turned the computer chair around...I saw this...
Actually, it was just the bear with a card. The flowers were delivered a little bit later during the day. I was pregnant and hormonal at that time so as soon as I saw the bear/card, I started bawling. I called him still sobbing...LOL. He didn't know if he would laugh or not because of my reaction. That was 10 years ago and I can still vividly remember it. This year, I didn't cry. But one thing didn't change, he still didn't hand me his gift, he placed it on my side of the bed...while he was on the opposite side of the bed. I already knew what's in the box since I busted him days before. Still, the 'kilig' factor is still there just knowing he still cares to get me something on this day after all these years....even if I have to twist his arm to get me something....NOT! Well, maybe just a little...
I hope your Valentine's Day went well!


Ciela said…
Ang sweet ni Daddy! Valentine na valentine kay E!

Katuwa naman yang first valentine gift experience mo, Huling! I'm sure naging very memorable din yun kay M! Bakit nga ba tayong mga babae e very emotional pagdating sa mga special dates likes this?
We're not hard to please naman kasi diba? Kahit diamond ring lang pwede na! Lol!

Stay young and beautiful as always!
HONEY said…
Happy Valentines ate J... Sorry late. ehhehe! :)

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