Rainy Mornings

It's pouring as I'm typing this. It was the same yesterday. Lights are on because it's quite dark right now. Our weather people already warned us that it's going to be this way probably for the rest of the week. At least the little one and I can still do our afternoon 30-minute badminton 'face-off'. Ha! Last week it was a different story because the rain came late in the afternoon...just in time for our 'game' so she wasn't a happy camper for a couple of days. I had to adjust the game time and played in the morning instead.

Speaking of our newfound hobby badminton, the man of the house is not very happy with the damage we're doing with his beloved grass, mostly weeds actually, as a result of our daily games. Tee hee. We've been staying on one spot when we play so the grass we've been stepping on is on life support at the moment. Oops. He already told us to move to a different spot so as not to further the damage. Yesterday, that's what we did. We were like 'nomads' while we were playing because we were going around in circles in the backyard so as not to make more bald spots on the husband's beloved lawn. And I thought we were doing him a favor by killing the weeds. Apparently not.


Ciela said…
Ganda naman ng bandminton court nyo, may green carpet! Pero lagot kayo kay M! You are murdering his grass! Lol! Lagyan agad ng dextrose!
Di bale, nice naman ng hobby ng mga girls nya eh! Just take advantage of the good weather in the morning. Ganyan din dito eh, pag hapon, lakas ng ulan. Tapos na ang summer?
TGIF na ulit! Happy weekend Huling!

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