Whole "8" Years Old!

After telling that girl at the park that she is ' 7 going on 8 '...she is now a 'whole' 8 years old!

... and here she is...mixing the batter for her birthday cake!

It seems it was only yesterday when she was only a 'few hours' old....

Before we know it, we will have a teenager already.

Anyway, we spent her birthday running errands together...and the little one wouldn't have it any other way, of course. I had a Dr's appointment that's been set up 6 months ago. Normally, the husband would only take an hour or so off work to drive me to the appointments but today he decided to take the WHOLE DAY off. We were out the whole morning running errands and spent the rest of the day at home. Anyway, my ophthalmologist said that my eyes are great although they are uneven still. This time around, it's the right eye that has a lid retraction. He said it's normal for someone with thyroid issue. I had some blood test done as well which means I need to set up an appointment with my other doctor. I won't be seeing the ophthalmologist for a whole year though so...yay!


""rarejonRez"" said…
happy 8 years birthday pretty E!
Lynn said…
ilang years na lang, may dalaga ka na mommy J.

happy birthday to the pretty young lady! (",)
she's so pretty and tall
Weng Zaballa said…
happy 8th birthday, E! :)

ilang taon na lang, may dalaga ka na.

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