to the Burning Question....

Oh yes it is!!!! And you know what that means....WEEKEND is just a sleep away! I think I won't be able to sleep because of excitement. LOL! Nah.....I've been turning in late again in the past few nights that I'd probably sleep through the weekend.

Speaking of Friday...did you know it's Friday the 13th today? I didn't even realize it until I saw a message in my chat box. Not that I care anyway but it's interesting how many people actually pay attention to it. According to Wikipedia, there is at least 1 Friday the 13th every year but it can be as many as 3 some years.'s a good thing I don't really think about it or it will be another reason for me to WORRY about, eh?


J said…
Sabado na po hahaha. resting? or nagliwaliw?

hope you're having a stress free weekend!

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